The Magic of Mauritius

The Magic of Mauritius

Often described as heaven on earth, it’s easy to see why Mauritius lends itself so effortlessly to incentive travel.  Dazzling blue waters, untouched coral reef and seemingly endless golden sands, the island offers a myriad of adventure against the backdrop of the soothing Indian Ocean, and multiple jaw dropping natural sites.

We help you to explore five top reasons to consider Mauritius for your next incentive trip…


An incentive rewards hard work and hustle, so where better to stop, drop and relax?  With luxury spas, decadent dining opportunities and white sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, one instantly relaxes upon arrival in Mauritius.  With a Sun Resorts welcome and continued hospitality perfected to a fine art, being hosted in Mauritius is an experience like no other.  Balancing rest and fun, Sugar Beach will offer arguably the best nightlife on the island, so where better to go from beach side relaxation to the dance floor, cocktail in hand?


Close your eyes and imagine Mauritius.  What do you see?  White powder beaches, aqua blue ocean spanning as far as the eye can see?  Of course, the iconic Flic en Flac and Belle Mare beaches will spring to mind, but head inland and you’ll soon discover the often overlooked lush, tropical vegetation.  Visit Black River Gorges, a national park spanning over 6570 hectares of incredible native forest and wildlife.  The dense forest plays host to over 300 species of flowering plants, and is the home to one of the rarest birds in the world.  Black River Gorges is the ideal place to explore on foot and marvel at the panoramic views of the island’s landscape, offering breathtaking vistas, gorges, peaks and waterfalls.  Or perhaps overlook La Morne Brabant Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site when you stay at La Pirogue, sitting proud and tour, inviting one to hike on foot to explore more.


Mauritius may conjure endless lazy days of beach lounging, but you’ll be pleased to hear of some more adrenaline inducing, high octane activities to mix up the experience, and enjoy the natural delights both on land and at sea.  Catamaran cruises offer the opportunity to explore the vibrant marine life up close and personal, with off shore snorkelling and dolphin spotting day cruises.  Dive deeper under the surface, by taking advantage of open water PADI courses, offered by those in the know at Long Beach.  Or, if you’d rather your feet remain firmly on the ground, hiking up to the Tamarind Falls is a popular option to take in lush vegetation and spectacular views across the island.  Kayaks, quad bikes or even luxury, bespoke chauffeured luxury vehicles are available to groups to uncover a treasure trove of sites, wildlife and natural delights in any way they see fit.


Days of adventure will surely work up an appetite, and what better way to immerse yourself in another culture, than through the cuisine?  Food brings us together, sparking conversation, delighting the senses and offering an accessible route to cultural discovery.  The Mauritian food scene is like no other, drawing influence from India, China, Haiti and even Europe, resulting in an evolution of flavours through different cultural heritage.  From this, comes creativity, with Mauritian chefs now balancing traditional and contemporary methods to elevate Mauritian food on a global foodie stage.  As they say, the proof is in the eating, so if you’re keen to combine picturesque seaside dining with more traditional fare, Ambre offers dining at La Plage where fresh seafood remains the star of the show, taking on Mauritian and Mediterranean flavours.  Depart your luxury resort if you wish, and indulge in foodie tours of Port Louis, allowing visitors to explore a plethora of Mauritian Street food, shared by knowledgeable and passionate locals.


As a multi ethnic society, Mauritius is an inviting and inclusive destination for all.  With a predominantly Hindu population, the belief of Karma is prevalent, resulting in a welcoming, courteous and friendly setting, with hospitality at its heart.  Food, sports, music and dance all interweave to create a well rounded culture, bursting at the seams with something for everyone, deeply rooted in the country’s diverse and intricate history.  A destination that shares a real sense of pride and passion, visitors will become fully immersed in the Mauritian culture, resulting in a real sense of place and the propensity to truly fall in love with this magical island.

Feeling inspired by our taste of Mauritius?  Now you know it’s the incentive destination for you, the hardest part will be picking the place to stay..! 😉

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